The best known masterpieces are undoubtedly Parma ham and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, but in fact the range of products from Italy's food valley is much wider. Recently the EU awarded the DOP (denomination of protected origin) designation to culatello di Zibello and the boletus mushroom of Borgo Val di Taro.

Also exceptional are the pasta dishes such as anolini and tortelli di erbette, stuffed meat dishes, charcuterie renowned for its quality like Felino salame, San Secondo spalla cotta (cooked ham made from the shoulder of the pig) and coppa. Parma's deep involvement with food culture can also be confirmed by the presence of many large food industries known all over the world, together with small, esteemed producers.

The most important wine in the province of Parma is the famous Lambrusco, produced all over western Emilia, but that of Parma is the result of careful choices made by keen vine growers. It is a dark red wine, its taste is sparkling and lightly sour, like a sweet smelling violet, moderately alcoholic. The slopes of the hills and foot-hills are geographically suitable to grow quality grapes and consequently special wines such as Malvasia, the prince of white wines.
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